COVID-19 an unprecedented situation for the world's citizens, industry and economy

GPTech keeps its production activities and services to ensure supply and customer support

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COVID-19 has spread over the planet, affecting the lives of billion of people and seriously damaging both the economic and industry global systems. In this threatening scenario, GPTech has implemented special measures to keep its activities, thus preserving all jobs and guaranteeing its services with the same quality and time responses. The company is making efforts to reduce any possible impact and is committed to maintain a continuous and up-to-date communication with all its clients.

Additionally, GPTech has signed a joint letter, together with the members of the AFBEL association, supporting the Spanish and European initiatives to protect the energy infrastructure and to guarantee electricity supply. Otherwise, essential services such as transport, water and food supplies, communications, security and medical services would be suspended.

Nevertheless, AFBEL has joined T&D EUROPE in urging the European Council to provide a coordinated response from the Member States and the Union in order to avoid restrictions on the free circulation of goods and workforce. Despite the current situation calls for exceptional measures to control the virus outbreak, the activity within relevant sectors as the energy field must be allowed so as not to damage people lives.

At such as crucial time, it is GPTech’s priority that its efforts, experience and knowledge ensure the normal operation of its equipment and serve the interests of the society. All this without overlooking that the health and security of our employees and customers come first. In this sense, GPTech would like to acknowledge the work done and the dedication of all the members of its staff, without whom it would not be possible to deliver on our commitments.

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