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GPTech’s comprehensive service portfolio for power electronics equipment and utility-scale projects ensures the highest efficiency and productivity levels of the system operation over its entire lifespan.

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Properly maintained and serviced systems allow project owners to maximize their uptime and, therefore, to increase profitability. GPTech Operations & Maintenance (O&M) offers complete engineering services to manage all the technical operations of PV or ESS facilities as well as hybrid power plants.  

A wealth of experience in grid integration and operation under the hardest environments makes GPTech a reliable partner to guarantee a high degree of security. Each project has its own demands depending on technical conditions and legal requirements. That is why our highly trained experts carry out a tailored and thorough study of each one to design the fittest solution. 

Flexibility supports GPTech O&M global strategy. We have production facilities, warehouse and service centers, plus technical and commercial offices all over the world to solve our clients demands everywhere at anytime,thus guaranteeing a 99 % of availability.

All GPTech products are covered by basic warranty for up to 5 years (up to 10 for UL equipment), which may be extended up to 25 years. Over the life cycle of the facility, our technical staff carry out accurate maintenance operations including visual inspection and verification processes, software updating, identification and repair of possible failures, as much as evaluations of the PV plant infrastructure for maximum optimization of the energy efficiency. Additionally, GPTech’s commitment to avoid any loss of production of the facility ensures immediate repairs with new and original spare parts.  

No matter the type of utility-scale project, GPTech provides a diverse package of investments to be adjusted to each client’s needs while consistently assuring an optimal performance. We have developed an O&M customized service based on the most demanding standards so as to advise you which is the most suitable maintenance programme for your facility. 

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