GPTech and Ecom Energia announce partnership in Brazil

GPTech, a Spanish leading company in energy and control management, which produces technology solutions for the development of sustainable energy, and Ecom Energia, Brazil’s largest distributor of electric energy, announce a partnership focused on launching distributed electrical generation solutions for the Brazilian market.

signementpartnership Signement of the partnership between GPTech and ECOM

According to Paulo Toledo, Managing Partner of Ecom Energia, “this partnership is a great opportunity to bring together our expertise in electric energy management and a leading company in the renewable energy market, enabling us to act in a market with growing demand. We want to be an energy company in the broadest sense of the word and this partnership is essential for that”.

GPTech bets on the renewable energy market in Brazil and announces the beginning of activities of its new Brazilian subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro. “We are very excited and we believe that this is the best time to invest in renewable energy in Brazil”, pointed out Javier Landero, CEO of the Spanish company.  GPTech will manufacture three lines of products in the renewable energy sector: solar inverters , control systems for distributed generation and control systems for wind power plants and solar energy (photovoltaic). First production line for solar inverters is already working in Schroeder, Santa Catarina.

“Within five years we hope to have annual revenues of about 250 million reais, covering the entire company’s line of business, which will allow the creation of 200 new jobs in the country”, celebrates Landero.

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