GPTech gets the UL 1741-SB standard certificate

GPTech has become the first designer and manufacturer of power converters in Europe to obtain the UL 1741 certificate with supplement SA & SB

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GPTech has received the certification that guarantees compliance with the Technical Supervision Standard for its Power Converters’ family -WD3, WD3s (full power technology at 1500Vdc) and AMPS- becoming one of the first company in the sector to obtain UL 1741-SB accreditation. The certificate has been issued by independent certification body SGS.

GPTech-WD3 power converters are among the first conversion systems to obtain this certification, necessary to ensure compliance with UL 1741-SA, for “grid support utility interactive inverters," and Supplement B (SB), compliance with grid protection and grid support functions.

UL 1741 is the equipment standard for distribution-connected DERs including distributed wind generators and is harmonized with IEEE 1547 and IEEE 1547. Therefore, this certificate positions GPTech at the forefront of the future energy transition and the integration of renewables and energy storage systems.


As a result, GPTech solution will be able to be employed on opportunities requiring advanced DER capabilities, such as:

  • Some voltage/reactive & active power exchange (power factor ≠1,volt/var, volt/watt)
  • Mandatory frequency response
  • Mandatory voltage and frequency
  • Voltage phase jump
  • Ride-through requirements
  • Mandatory communications capability requirements with one out of three standardized protocols (DNP3, 2030.5, SunSpec)
  • Dynamic voltage support (Reactive current injection)


With this remarkable achievement, GPTech reaffirms its commitment to lead the renewable market, with special focus on projects with the most restrictive conditions.

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