GPTech, one of the world leading companies in Energy Storage

GPTech ranks within the top 5 of the leading companies in energy storage integration according to the IHS Markit’s

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GPTech ranks within the top 5 of the leading companies in energy storage inverter market according to the IHS Markit’s Energy Storage Inverter Report 2020, published last September. The company has reached this position for the first time due to its strong market presence in United States, Australia, Eastern Europe, Spain, and Chile.

GPTech has more than ten years of experience in the development of energy storage solutions which can provide extreme power capacity while meeting the most demanding grid codes. Since the implementation of its power converters and EMS Power Plant Controllers in Salinas (Puerto Rico, USA), the company has integrated ESS in more than 20 plants all over the world, which means over 380 MW / 1500 MWh of storage installed or committed.

GPTech’s main projects include Lāwa'i (Hawaii, USA), which was awarded with by IJGlobal for North American - Battery Storage of 2019 category. Besides, the company contributing actively to the SMART (Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target) programme, thus participating in more than 20 projects. Furthermore, GPTech has recently informed that it will provide its HybridSystems solution to the largest solar-plus-storage plant in Latin America. The 112 MW BESS will allow energy to be stored for 5 hours, which amounts to 560 MWh.

This data reflects GPTech’s firm commitment to sustainability and the development of technology focused on clean energy and zero emissions. 

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