GPTech provides its STATCOM solutions for a 24MW Solar PV facility in Jordan.

• The solution allows in a simple way enable the plant to meet the requirements of the Jordan grid operator NEPCO. • The plant, located in Ma’an , will be one of the biggest of the region. Its launch is planned for 2016.

JordanPlant GPTech inverter in Ma'an, Jordan.

GPTech has fulfilled the supply of two advanced STATCOM solutions for a 24 MW PV plant located in Ma’an, JORDAN.

These solutions will provide a source of reactive power control with better response than using basic options as capacitor banks by means of power electronic technology, in order to meet the country’s grid requirements demanded by the the country’s grid operator NEPCO.   

Mª José Muniz, strategic plan responsible, considers this project as very important, because of its geographic situation as much as for the confirmation of the trend of selecting STATCOMs technology for meeting a robust adaptation to the grid codes.

“MENA region is going to be one of the more actives ones in the next years for the renewable sector, and having equipment working and adapted to the extreme dust and heat conditions is a fact very appreciated by the developers.

GPTech has closed a portfolio to provide similar solutions to other PV facilities under construction in JORDAN, and now we expect to introduce the STATCOMs option for different projects to be developed in EGYPT, because of its grid code requirements for the renewable plans.”

In this occasion, it has been supplied two AVCS4000 solutions. Each unit incorporates 4 x GPTech STATCOM1000 in a 40 feet container, and a MV transformer of 5000 kVA.

The installed STATCOMs AVCS4000 will manage around 9MAr in a highly demand environment due to the extreme weather conditions and the grid connection requirements set by NEPCO. The two supplied units will be in charge of the dynamic compensation of reactive power demanded by the 24MW utility.

The selection of STATCOM solutions for the grid codes accomplishment is becoming ever more frequent. Since 2009, GPTech has supplied its reactive compensator equipment and nowadays they are managing more than 1.5GW power in large-scale solar and wind plants around the world.

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