GPTech supply 75 MWp of its HybridSystem for PV+ESS integration in Massachusetts.

GPTech Hybrid Solution, based on AMPS technology, is being supplyied for PV+ESS integration in 16 utility-scale projects in USA

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  • The projects are being built using GPTech’s Advanced Multiport Power System, a Hybrid Conversion Power Electronics.
  • The project plan consists of a PV-plus-Battery System achieving 75MW coupled to a 105MWh Battery Energy Storage System, in total.

Do you know the SMART Program? It shall support the development of 1600 MW of PV in Massachusetts!

Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program pretends to create a long-term sustainable solar incentive program that promotes cost-effective solar development.

GPTech is involved in this initiative, for which it is supplying its HybridSystem for PV+ESS integration (75 MW/105 MWh) in 16 utility-scale projects.

GPTech equipment will have to operate in a harsh climate, but HybridSystem solutions have been designed to offer maximum power under the most extreme conditions.

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