GPTech will supply its equipment of power conversion to the biggest plant of Central America


GPTech has signed a contract to supply its integral solutions of power conversion to the facility Grupo Ortiz is developing near to Chiquimulilla, in Santa Rosa (Guatemala).

With an investment close to 100 million dollars, this plant will be the biggest PV power plant developed in Central America, and one of the biggest of the whole continent. During the first phase, it will reach a nominal power of 50 MW. This will enable a power generation capable of supplying energy to more than 15 thousand homes.

Javier Landero, GPTech CEO, has highlighted: "This agreement strengths our position as the major reference in integration of renewable energies in the region". Landero has also pointed out that GPTech solutions have been already chosen for similar projects in countries as Peru or Chile, where the development of innovative solutions with great technical complexity is necessary to make power injection in the electric grid possible.

GPTech solutions will allow both, the conversion and adaptation of the electric signal coming from the PV panels to the power distribution grid with highly demanding conditions. Thus, they cover the most complex and delicate stage of the process of power generation.

In order to reach these objectives, GPTech will provide its APIS (Advanced Power Integrated Station) solution, 40-foot containers including equipment of power conversion (PV inverters) and MV transformers, among other elements.

Specifically, the company will supply 33 APIS 1700, which include two GPTech PV750 WD inverters and a transformer of 1700 KVA, as well as 1 APIS 850, which includes two GPTech PV500 WD inverters and a transformer of 850 KVA.

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