Provided 186 MWp of extreme power capacity platform in Egypt

GPTech, based on the agreement reached with TBEA and ACCIONA, has supplied its most advanced solution for the Benban PV complex

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GPTech, based on the agreement reached with TBEA and ACCIONA, has supplied its most advanced solution for the BENBAN photovoltaic complex, comprising three projects “Sunrise”, “Rising” and “Alsubh”

GPTech has supplied 60 Smart High-Capacity Modular Inverters for the BENBAN photovoltaic complex, located in Benban (Aswan Governorate) in the western desert, approximately 650 km south of Cairo and 40 km northwest of Aswan.

Benban Solar Park is located on an area of 37.2 km2 which is subdivided into 41 separate power plants. The complex, supervised by the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA), will reach 1.8GW , counting with the “smaller” solar power plants being developed by different companies at a total cost of $4bn. Benban is expected to become the biggest solar photovoltaic park in the world, upon completion.


This project serves as a recognition of our role as experts in energy management for the integration of large renewable power plants in extreme conditions . Particular climatic conditions of desert zone have been key to choose this location, one of the best in the world. However, this conditions and the maximum temperatures in the area (exceeding 50 °C), require from the GPTech solutions to adjust its cooling system in addition to include mechanical protection against dust. Relying on our team expertise and power converters versatility, GPTech has easily overcome all those challenges.

With this project, GPTech strengthens its position in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), whose projection shows an increment on the installed renewable capacity by 60% within five years.

The PV complex will increase the portion of renewables in Egypt mix up to produce 456 GWh/y) ‑clean energy equivalent to the power consumption of 150,000 Egyptian homes-, avoiding every year the emission of more than 297,000 tonnes of CO2 from fuel-oil thermal power plants annually. The power generated will be supplied to the utility Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) under a long-term PPA contract.

With this project, GPTech adds a new milestones for a more reliable business relation with ACCIONA.

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