Energy storage in PV solar facilities

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GPTech has developed an energy storage hybrid system with two purposes: storing energy when the electric energy obtained from the PV panels is higher than the power that the inverter is capable of evacuate, and to pour the storage energy into the grid when the power generated by the system is lower that the nominal power of the inverter.

Sistema de almacenamiento en plantas FV

 The hybrid storage system consists of two different technologies that work in parallel:

  • Super capacitors, which offer a fast response to the variations in charge and discharge conditions, but cannot storage a large amount of energy
  • Batteries, which offer higher storage capacity, but their time response is limited.

The association of both systems presents several advantages. On the one hand, it allows the supply of high instantaneous power with greater energy storage capacity of batteries. On the other hand, the super-capacitors act as a support for batteries when rapid charge and discharge large amounts of energy (passing clouds), increasing the battery life and favouring an increase of the overall storage system's efficiency.