GPTech Control Systems for a complete range of applications


A new vision of power plants control

Renewable sources are now a real energy alternative, increasing its presence every year exponentially. For a sustainable growth of the clean energy, advanced energy management and control solutions are key to maximize their integration.

GPTech EMSystems are based on our strong experience as energy integrators, adding a new vision joining specially created control algorithms and the latest technology.

Ancillary Services and Large-Scale Renewable Plants are improved with new control options to obtain the best of each plant source. Combination of renewable energies with conventional sources represents an opportunity of saving money, while a cleaner world is developed.

GPtech EMSystems are the best answer to the new challenges in hybridization and renewable power control.


IPPs and EPCs are facing an increasing risk related to the need to integrate utility scale plants in markets with either weak or saturated grids, evolving grid codes or evolvin compliance verification protocols.

GPTech has the right HW/SW platforms, power electronics control know-how and experience to offer an “inverter-independent” plant control topology, integration protocols and commissioning processes that allow for a fully predictable grid connection journey.


  • Capacity to control equipment submitted by different manufacturers (“inverter-independent”).
  • Capacity to integrate different generation/storage technologies: Photovoltaic, BESS, STATCOM…
  • Scalable design to be able to work with different power plant sizes and different number of systems. Nowadays GPTech technology controls PV plants from 1.7MW up to 300MW.
  • Fast working cycle: The working cycle can be configured up to 50mS. This is the main approach to meet the most exigent grid codes which requires response times less than one second and high accuracy.
  • Easy adaptation to different grid codes thanks to the major number of parameters, which can be updated by the client. This approach facilitates the update of the controllers in case of grid code changes or new requirements.
  • Robustness with a negligible failure rate because of a redundant system with high quality industrial components.

One step beyond

  • Manages the active and reactive power of all generators and storage systems.
  • Configurable as Master Controller in isolated systems or to communicate with the network operator for connected grids.

Born for Flexibility

  • Interact with several generation units in a very fast way
    • PV inverters
    • Wind turbines
    • Diesel generators
    • Energy Storage Systems
    • FACTS controllers for real and reactive power

Global vision

  • Reliable and high performance accurate control of the whole system according to the currently most requirement national grid codes in the world
  • GPTech EMSystem technology Works with most communication protocols, including major communication standards: Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, DNP3 Serial, NTP, IEC 6185, etc.
  • GPTech EMSystem can work simultaneously with different protocols, as different communication protocols can exist in the power plan

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