Advanced Ancillary Services to meet the most demanding grid requirements


Electrical authorities demand for control requirements that plants must meet to guarantee system stability. Some of them, with special relevance, such as the Limitation of Power (Power Curtailment) which adjusts available production to real demand. Others, as the Ramp Rate Control, allows softens the impact caused by sudden changes in environmental conditions that may affect the instantaneous capacity to generate renewable energy.

GPTech STATCOM solutions provide a source of reactive power control with the finest response to meet the grid requirements all time. Since 2006, GPTech has installed in energy plants with a total capacity which currently exceeds 1GW.


Voltage control is performed by the reactive capacity of installed systems. These are managed by the Power Plant Controller based on the grid operator references.

The technology of GPTech offers added values of signal quality through its advanced function for generation and control of Reactive Power. GridStability solutions together with GPTech conversion systems -WD3 and AMPS, and the Power Plant Controller are the perfect combination to solve reactive power challenges.


The development of own monitoring tools, together with the possibility of integration with third party SCADA solutions ensure a rapid and flexible solution.
In order to achieve optimum integration, we select the most widely accepted protocols adjusting the final features for each project.

Islanding operation options

Related to GridCapabilities needs, GPTech technologies offer different operation options in case of Islanding conditions, either they are expected or not.


Plant controls remain online during an outage but the plant ceases backup. While the plant can restart operations shortly, a few seconds (even less than a second), after the substation is configured, the exact timing will depend on coordination with grid operator.

Duration & Endurance

Once islanded, the connected loads (previously defined) will draw all power from the power plant.

Island Power Quality

All power quality requirements specified in the interconnection agreement will be applied to islanded performance pending approval of the grid operator regarding critical load transients.

Grid Resynchronization

The Power plant will be expected to resynchronize with the grid when it returns to nominal conditions without disturbance to the different loads.

Auxiliary Voltage generator

The Auxiliary Services Transformer can be fed directly from the inverter output in case of a grid loss, allowing an emergency operation of the system during the day hours without the installation of an UPS.

This functionality is based on the capacity of the GPTech solutions to change its operation mode from the standard one as current source to the grid former operation mode. As the inverter is going to generate an independent grid, this operation mode involves the inverter being disconnected from the grid before it starts to feed any load

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