GPTech AMPS technology is already operating at the EDPR solar PV plant in Bailesti, Romania

GPTech AMPS technology is intended for hybrid power plants, especially those utility-scale projects combining PV and Energy Storage systems

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The AMPS solution has enabled the combination of PV panels and DC lithium-ion batteries connected to a single AC transformer.

The DC coupling installation is of particular relevance: apart from reducing energy loss in the power management, it adds multiple value streams including revenues from clipping energy.

Besides, GPTech Power Plant Control technology, together with an in-house SCADA system, have been implemented in order to monitor the whole process.

As a result, this hybrid power plants will be able to operate like traditional power plants in terms of capacity value, dispatchability, ancillary services, and reliability.

According to the article in, for Duarte Bello, COO of EDP Renewables EU&BR: “This project represents a step further in the modernisation of energy storage plants. It is a disruptive breakthrough in the energy market, which turns renewable energies, such as wind and solar power, into consistently available energy sources, as well as making them more efficient and reliable”.

Additional information can be obtained at EDPR website:; and evwind: 

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