GPTech is now present on all five continents

As a global company, GPTech equipment are successfully operating, even in Ocenania, with the recent storage projects in Australia

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As a global company, GPTech equipment are successfully operating on the five continents after the development of new projects in Oceania.

Born in 2002, GPTech has become, in less than two decades, one of the top leading companies in power electronics and energy storage solutions for renewable energy plants. It operates all over the world through worldwide subsidiaries located in the USA, South Africa, Chile and Puerto Rico, plus overseas partners whose staff is specifically trained and certified by the company.

The combination of business growth and the consolidation of its international branches has enabled GPTech to have production facilities, warehouse and service centers, plus technical and commercial offices all over the world to solve clients demands everywhere at any time, thus guaranteeing a 99 % of availability.

Source: Extenda,

“We believe in knowledge and talent management, as much as in human capital investment. That’s our key to succeed”, has declared María del Carmen Tenor, GPTech Quality and Process manager. She has also underlined the important support provided by organizations as Extenda on the company’s road towards internationalization.


Source: Extenda,

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